Northern Cardinal

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image: northcardinal.jpg

Common Name: Northern Cardinal

Scientific Name: Cardinalis cardinalis

Size: 8-9 inches (21-23cm)

Habitat: North America; East of Mississippi, the Southwest and Mexico.

Status: Least concern. Global Population: 100,000,000 mature adults. Stable and increasing within most of its territory. It’s a species of concern in California where it has lost most of its habitat. Protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty of 1918 in the United States. Diet: Seed, nuts, fruit and insects.

Breeding: They built nests of twigs, sticks and sometimes paper-lined. They lay 3 eggs; Buffy white with medium brown spots.

Cool Facts: The cardinal is the United States State government’s most popular bird; it’s the state bird in 7 states.

Males are highly competitive over territory and often will challenge their reflections for hours. Female sing a more complicated song than the males which is believed to give their mates shopping lists (food requirements) and nest information.

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