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image: omao.jpg

Common Name: ‘Omao (Hawaiian Thrush)

Scientific Name: Myadestes obscurus

Size: 7-8 inches (18-21cm)

Habitat: Polynesia; found on Hawaii in high elevation forests. The ‘oma‘o occur in mesic and wet montane forests above 1000 meters (3300’) in Hamakua, Ka‘u, and Kilauea districts of Hawai‘i island.

Status: Near Threatened. Global Population: 170,000. Population declines due to introduced avian malaria and habitat loss. Despite healthy population numbers, only 30% of this species' former range remains intact.

Diet: Fruits, berries, and insects

Breeding: Oma'os are usually solitary, but individuals can be found in pairs throughout the year, with pair bonds lasting at least one breeding season. Courtship behavior is most often seen between January and March, with most breeding taking place between April and August. Females are responsible for both nest construction and incubation of one or two eggs. The nest are a woven mix of twigs and fiber. Incubation lasts for about 16 days, and the young remain in the nest for about 19 days before fledging. Both sexes feed nestlings, and both adults provide parental care for more than three weeks after young birds leave the nest.

Cool Facts: The `Oma’o is also known as the Hawaiian thrush and is an accomplished songster. It is found throughout the native windward rainforests of the Island of Hawaii above 3,000 feet.

It has the curious habit of quivering its drooped wings much like a young bird.

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