Shelley's Crimsonwing

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image: scrimwing.jpg

Common Name: Shelley’s Crimsonwing

Scientific Name: Cryptospiza shelleyi

Size: 5 inches (13cm)

Habitat: Africa; Congo Zaire, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. It inhabits the understory of closed-canopy moist forest, often in lush valley bottoms near water, as well as low secondary growth at forest edges, forest clearings and glades dominated by large herbs, bamboo thickets and the upper forest/moorland eco-tones from 1550 to 3000m

Status: Vulnerable. Global Population: 2,500-9,999 Mature individuals. This rare species has shown population declines at least locally in the past, for reasons unknown, but possibly related to ongoing deforestation and forest degradation throughout its range - if thus related; an overall decline is likely to be continuing. Its population is severely fragmented and is inferred to be small.

The species occurs in protected areas in part of its range, including the Virunga National Park in the DRC, Nyungwe Forest Reserve in Rwanda, and Rwenzori Mountains National Park and Bwindi-Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. A research project on crimson-wings, including this species, is underway at Bwindi Forest

Diet: Insects and seed

Breeding: They build large domed nests and lay 5-10 white eggs.

Cool facts: Feeds in low cover and on the ground. Very shy. Their voice is a sharp, high-pitched tit tit tit call. Rising and falling series of high-pitched tu tutu ti ti ti.

Found in Songbird ReMix Africa

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