Western Bluebird

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Common Name: Western Bluebird

Scientific Name: Sialia mexicana

Size: 6-7 inches (17-19cm)

Habitat: North America; the Pacific Coast, parts of the Eastern Southwest and Mexico. Prefers edges of open forests and fields.

Status: Least Concern. Global Population: 1,400,000 mature individuals. This species is declining throughout within its range.

Diet: Insects in summer, fruits and seed in winter.

Breeding: 5 pale blue eggs are laid in a woven nest found tree cavities, snags and nest boxes. Preferred nesting shrub is poison oak.

Cool Facts: Western Bluebirds can have help with their nests. Parents of failed nests will help to raise others’ young. It has also been reported that violet-green swallows have helped with the feeding and defense of bluebird nests. Paternity is an issue amongst Western Bluebirds; 19% of all the young were fathered outside the pair bond.

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