Western Jackdaw

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Common Name: Western Jackdaw
Scientific Name: Corvus monedula

Size: 13 inches (34cm)

Habitat: Eurasia and Northwest Africa. Found in open woodland, farmland and urban settings.

Status: Least Concern. Global Population: 20,000,000 –100,000,000 Mature individuals.

Diet: Invertebrates, fruit, seeds, carrion, small vertebrates, eggs and nestlings.

Breeding: Four to five eggs nests in colonies in cavities of trees, cliffs or ruined buildings and sometimes in dense conifers One brood per year.

Cool Facts: The jackdaw is one of the smallest species from the Crow family.

They are sociable birds, couples traveling together in larger flocks.

“The complex social interactions that occur in groups of Jackdaws was studied by Konrad Lorenz and a detailed description of the Jackdaw's social behaviour is described in his book "King Solomon's Ring". Lorenz put coloured rings on Jackdaws' legs so that individual birds could be easily identified and he caged them in the winter because of their migration from Austria. Lorenz observed Jackdaws' hierarchical group structure with dominance of the higher-ranking birds over others. He noticed Jackdaws' strong male–female bonding and that each bird of a pair occupy about the same position in the hierarchy. He reported that a low-ranked female Jackdaw rocketed up the Jackdaw social ladder when she became the mate of a high-ranking male. He also described some Jackdaw calls.” (Wikipedia)

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