White-collared Manakin

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image: wcmanakin.jpg

Common Name: White-collared Manakin
Scientific Name: Manacus candei

Size: 4ΒΌ inches (11 cm)

Habitat: Central America; Southeastern Mexico to Costa Rica and the extreme west of Panama. Found in the lowlands and foothills of the Caribbean slope up to 700 m

Status: Least Concern. Global Population: 50,000 - 499,999 mature individuals

Diet: Seeds, fruit and some insects.

Nesting: Nests at the edges of moist forest, tall second growth and old cacao plantations. The female lays two brown-speckled white eggs in a shallow cup nest 1-3 m high in a horizontal tree fork. Nest-building, incubation for 18-21 days, and care of the young are undertaken by the female alone, since manakins do not form stable pairs.

Cool Facts: White-collared Manakins hybridize extensively with the Golden-collared Manakins in a limited area in Bocas del Toro Province, Panama. The hybrids, which show a lemon yellow collar in males, were at one time considered a distinct species, the Almirante Manakin

Found in Songbird ReMix Yucatan

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