Wompoo Fruit Dove

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Common Name: Wompoo Fruit Dove
Scientific Name: Ptilinopus magnificus

Size: 16-18 inches (37-45cm)

Habitat: Australia; the eastern coast from central New South Wales to the tip of Cape York Peninsula. In Australia, it inhabits almost exclusively the lowland tropical rainforests along the eastern coast, from central New South Wales to the tip of Cape York Peninsula. The abundancy of the birds increase in a northerly direction.

Status: Near threatened. Global Population: unknown. Endangered due to demands placed on their habitat by an expanding human population.

Diet: Fruits (primarily figs), flowers and occasionally seed.

Breeding: Nests are sturdily constructed from forked twigs not high from the ground. Both genders help in the construction of the nest. One white egg is laid and the parents share the incubation and care of the chick. In the event, that the chick dies, the doves will attempt to have a second offspring in the same season.

Cool Facts: The Wompoo Fruit Dove is the largest fruit dove native to Australia. It can be seen in large flocks where food is abundant. The birds feed off fruit-bearing trees in rainforests. They can eat large fruits, such as figs, and are able to acrobatically collect fruit of trees and vines.

They do no travel long distances preferring to stay in their local area. Their name comes from their call which is "womm-pu"

Found in Songbird ReMix Gamebirds and Songbird ReMix Australia Volume III

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