Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

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image: yellowbelliedsapsucker.jpg

Common Name: Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Scientific Name: Sphyrapicus varius

Size: 7-9 inches (18-22cm)

Habitat: Summers in Canada and winters in Eastern Mexico and Central America. Migration occurs eastern of the Mississippi. It prefers open, young forests.

Status: Least concern. Global Population: 9,000,000 mature individuals. The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker probably benefited with the destruction of mature forests and the creation of forest gaps and increased edge. Populations appear stable.

Diet: Sap from trees and some insects.

Breeding: Two to seven white eggs. Nesting takes place in tree cavities. No structure built in the tree cavity.

Cool Facts: The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker is the only Eastern United States migratory woodpecker.

The harvesting of Sap, this sapsucker likes two types of holes, round and rectangular. The round holes are deep and the sapsucker inserts its bill into the hole to collect sap. The rectangular holes are swallow and are regularly maintained by the sapsucker to keep the sap flowing.

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