Yellow-faced Parrotlet

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image: yellowfacedparrotlet.jpg

Common Name: Yellow-faced Parrolet
Scientific Name: Forpus xanthops

Size: 5 ½ inches (14cm)

Habitat: South America. North-Central Peru. Found in arid woodland, riparian thickets and desert scrub at 800-2,750 m, but mostly at 1,000-1,600 m.

Status: Vulnerable. Global Population: 250-999 mature individuals. The species suffered a serious decline in the 1980s due to the Pet Trade. In 1988, only 168 individuals were counted during extensive surveys. It appears to be recovering somewhat following a ban on trade; however, there is little evidence of a substantial recovery.

Diet: Feeds on the seeds of balsas trees and cacti.

Breeding: Breeding season begins in March-April, and nesting takes place in natural dirt and rock walls, in colonies of up to 70 birds.

Cool Facts: They are very gregarious as most parrots are. They forage in cactus-dominated savannahs, in open landscapes with light forests with deciduous trees. They feed early in the morning or late at night.

The color of the rump is different in the sexes; turquoise blue for the female, light cobalt blue for the male.

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